Our trainings supported


by the ESF, Flanders and Europe.

ESF, Flanders and Europe support our high quality employee training programmes.

We are fully committed to a sustainable business policy, taking advantage of all opportunities for a better environment and greater well-being for employees and society. In this sense, Van Dievel is perpetuating the growth path of previous years with emphasis on:

  • service to customer in partnership, through digitalization and by proactively optimizing customer interests;
  • socially responsible entrepreneurship, with respect for employees, by providing means that promote efficiency, safety and health;
  • attention to the environment and society, by responding to technological evolution, both technical and organizational;
  • added value in the logistic service area, at all levels, within a broad context, for all stakeholders;
  • profitability with an eye for and attention to continuous improvement of the quality management system.

A training policy is drawn up on this basis. Digitalization, automation and robotization are radically changing the field of work. People can be reached everywhere and the separation between work and private life is becoming smaller. An increase in stress is therefore lurking. General, cross-professional skills are becoming increasingly important. New technologies and expectations are emerging, increasing the importance of training.

Co-financing from ESF, Flanders and Europe (ESF: €40,000 and VCF: €60,000) makes it possible to achieve the above goals. Thanks to the additional support from ESF, Flanders and Europe, Vervoer Van Dievel can offer in-depth training to all its employees, focusing on digital and social skills.